Freelance writing vs traditional Jobs

Choosing one’s career is challenging, however, some people have a clear calling. When I was finishing high school, I never thought I would specialize in freelance writing. Instead, I was sure I wanted to become a musician, and that’s what I did.

If youth knew, if age could

I remember being proud of myself at the age of 16. I considered myself special for knowing what I wanted, while most of my classmates were taking vocational courses and similar stuff. But little did I know that the path would not always be as straightforward as it seemed at the time.

The quote “If youth knew if age could” stroke me as a painful truth when I reached my thirties and noted that things were not as clear on the horizon as they used to be. This is when I decided to quit my career in music and try freelance writing for a change.

Starting with a few translations from English to Spanish, little by little I started to create my own content for blogs, brochures, social media, etc.

Freelance writing or a traditional job?

I know what you are thinking: is this girl describing music as a traditional job? Well, yes. It turns out that music skills can get you quite interesting positions as a music teacher. In Panama for example, I was a full-time teacher at the prestigious Oxford School and when I came back to Argentina, I had plenty of opportunities to get a steady job in a similar position. Nobody can deny that benefits like social security, maternity leaves, and pension funds are attractive but freelance writing opens a whole new world that is worth the try.

Freelance writing – Pros

Pros and cons of freelance writing
This is how my pros and cons list was born!
  1. Flexible working hours
  2. Total independence from companies or institutions
  3. Possibility to set up your own fees
  4. Better life-work balance
  5. Choose your clients and your way of working
  6. More peace of mind

But not everything is a bed of roses:

Freelance writing – Cons

  • No sick or maternity leaves
  • Irregularity
  • Insecure income
  • You have to do your own taxes and plan your retirement carefully

If you analyze these tables, we can conclude that there is a big risk in choosing the freelance highway and that it’s not for everyone.

Do you have what it takes to be a freelance writing specialist?

  • Are you detail-oriented?
  • Are you good at organizing your schedule?
  • Are you good at keeping deadlines?
  • Do you have any marketing skills?
  • Are you willing to save money for the slim months?
  • Do you have the tools to create a financial cushion?
  • Are you willing to keep learning and stay informed about news, tendencies, tools, etc.?


At the end of the day, it all became clear to me. I remember that one of the arguments that threatened my decision came from a friend: What if you ever get sick? How will you manage without sick leave?

I pondered on these questions and finally, I came to a conclusion: Choosing a career path “in case I get sick” is not what I want for my life. After all, I have to live with my career decisions every single day, and choosing the regular working hour schedule for a (false) sense of security, is just not for me.

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