About writing and blog writing: a journey towards myself

Welcome to De Poetas y De Locos, a blog about my work. My name is Cecilia and I live in Argentina, a country that I love despite its never-ending issues. If you ask me what I do, I’ll synthesize it into three words: I’m a writer. I write because this is my passion, my work, my life. Blog writing is a wonderful path that can take you to amazing places. It’s not that I don’t love writing short stories or novels (speaking of which, my first novel will be published soon!), but writing a blog post is an entirely different experience.

I’m not afraid to say that I used to be very naïve when I thought that being a writer was a one-way street. Kind of like “once a writer, always a writer”. In my (already!) five years working as a content creator I learned that there is not only one way to be one, but, fortunately, many.

My own blog writing services!

My journey through blog writing

If you want to learn more about me, you’re welcome to visit my “about me” page. One of the few things I can say about myself, honestly speaking, is that I’m an expert in writing blogs. I have written about finances, music, energy sources, motorcycles, interior design, career development, and many other things. And blog writing is not all I do! I am responsible for many social media posts, study cases, books, and brochures that are out there! 😉Yep, I’m guilty as charged!

However, what I’ve never done is write my own blog! Maybe it’s time that I do, after all these years. Starting my own blog at the age of 37? Getting involved in this craziness where reels, posts, keywords, and Google searches are at the order of the day? Ladies and gentlemen, this is what I’m doing now.

Writing blogs for money but not only

So, what is this blog about? As long as you understand that the blog will be evolving constantly, we’re ok. But if you need some information in advance, here are some of the things you’ll find:

  • My own learning journey toward blog writing and content creation
  • Some interesting topics that every polyglot loves (yes, I speak English, Spanish, and Russian!)
  • How do I tackle challenges when it comes to my writing
  • How do I provide the best blog writing services (this is not arrogance, it’s a commitment! and if you don’t understand the difference let’s discuss it someday) 😉
  • A peek into my inner world and my journey towards writing my own literature, i.e., short stories and novels (only in Spanish for now, sorry, folks!)

Living up to your expectations

So, not much left to say in this first post which is, at least for me, an event of the utmost importance. I don’t expect to live up to your expectations, dear reader, because I can’t (can anyone?), but I do hope to see you here often to share my experiences, tips, my advice, and other interesting topics for blog writing fans.

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