A little bit of my history



My name is Cecilia Kleiman and I was born in Argentina. Since I was a child I’ve had two passions: music and literature. They’ve both played an important role in my life.


After studying musical composition at the Rosario National University and piano with Juan Carlos Silvera, I moved to Panama. There I worked as a pianist (both solo and with groups) and as a music teacher in elementary and middle school. 




In Panama, I worked at the British school ‘The Oxford School’ where the main requirement was to speak and write in English at all times. This helped me improve my language skills and I managed to pass the FCE Cambridge exam with an A.

After a while, I felt it was time to improve my third language: Russian. This is when I embarked on an adventure that took me to the city of Izhevsk and then Saint Petersburg, Russia.

This is where I perfected the language to the point in which I was able to read the classics of Pushkin, Dostoievsky, and Gogol in their original language.




At this stage, I started to develop as a professional writer. I was chief editor of an international online publication on finances and international business. This gave me good training in the areas of writing, translating, editing, and proofreading in English and Spanish. I also did several translations from Russian to English and Spanish, and combinations of English/Spanish, and Spanish/English. I translated subtitles, articles, marketing material, and texts for apps.

Nowadays I work for the same publication as the main writer and translator and I develop content marketing for an agency.

Literature from a new paradigm




Then, suddenly I asked myself: where am I in all of this? This is when I found a new path in life with Jose Luis Parise and his school E.D.I.P.O., where I take activities based on psychoanalysis and the study of the original cultures. In this school, I am training to teach everything I learn and practice through my own literature.


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